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Silo For Search Engine Optimization

seo-premazon-300x200Silo has been one of the best websites for employing search engine optimization. For more than about fourteen years, silo structure for seo has been ranked higher than any others. To optimize this, you need to use silo structures for the website you are designing. One of the important parts of designing a website understands various departments or branches or specializations. Each subpage in the website can be called as a silo. They are designed in such a way that they are related to what your website is designing. For example, if the website is for a college, the various departments in the college would be called as a silo.

One of the important components in designing using silo is that the home page should contain a minimum content of 500 words. One has to ensure that it doesn’t sound artificial and is written just to get the number of words required. Creating keywords that support your content is very important because any page with too many keywords is not preferred by Google. Sometimes, Google penalizes for using this technique. A good choice would be to use keywords once in every 150 words. Using synonyms would be a great option.

Earlier Google was giving rewards for websites that used keywords properly. When people started using too many keywords that manipulated the ranking of the websites, Google changed the ranking patterns. In fact, the ranking patterns are constantly changing. No matter what Google comes up with, people find a way to exploit the options that are available. Therefore, the pattern remains changing regularly. The reason behind this is that Google always wants to provide its users with best results for whatever they are searching for and if someone does not use Google, it makes its money from advertising. To provide best results, it eliminates links that manipulate the ranking systems and cheat.

Creating backlinks to the home page is very important. From any of the silo pages, the users should be able to get back to the home page. Keeping this on top of the silo page would be a good option. Going back to the college website design, you could include text in the first paragraph that talks about the college rather the courses that are being offered. This way, each link in the silo can be made different from the other links. This lets Google know that your website is about the college that offers many courses. It is enough if the home page links are available once.

Adding additional content is also very important. This can be done by creating other pages that support the main content. Creating more WordPress pages that are similar to the silo pages would be a great way to do these. These links are created similar to the way silo pages are created. Continuing with the college website example, you could create pages that speaks about the benefits of the courses that the college is offering.

With so many options available, using silo will be the best option for your seo strategies.