Watch Out For These SEO Trends This Season

seo trends

Being a sought after SEO strategist is not an easy game at all. Considering the way in which the SEO industry is evolving, keeping up with the new trends is a mandatory exercise you may have to carry out regularly. Gaining online dominance over your competitors could mean more business to you. Be aware of the changes that are happening in the way search engines throw up results and move in tandem with those changes to reap better rewards. search engine optimisation services are often hired to bring the customer closer to a brand. Click here to learn more about the current trends that are driving the SEO business. The valuable inputs by experts at have been included to make this article more comprehensive.

2017 holds a lot of promise for this industry with many new trends emerging that can change the SEO landscape completely. We will consider some of the important ones here. Let us take a look at some brand new trends that are all set to rock the SEO boat.

Accelerated Mobiles Pages (Amps) On The Rise
AMPs allow you to create pages that can load almost instantly on your mobile device by consuming nearly eight times less data. Google has already started favoring sites that have adopted AMP giving them more visibility and a special icon – a lightning bolt – to show the AMP status of the site. We must read this together with the Google’s declared ‘Mobile First’ strategy in anticipation of mobile traffic overtaking desktop traffic later this year.

Be Content-Rich
Content is the new king. It has the ability to hold the traffic that reaches its pages. Unless the content is useful, the customer will move on to the next site. Making strategic changes to make the content as relevant as possible is the new trend as this has also become a parameter for indexing the site. From the earlier bite-sized content that did not offer much information to the epic contents that covered topics more comprehensively, the content size has undergone vast changes. The new trend seems to be a blend of these two, wherein the content would be dense. In other words, more information would be crammed into lesser space.

User Experience Optimization
User experience is fast becoming the crux of SEO strategy. It is no longer about the user being directed to your website with the help of keywords and links. It is more about how fast the page loads on your device and how long the user stays in your page these days. Search engines are increasingly placing emphasis on enhancing the user experience.

Personal Digital Assistants
Personal digital assistant tools like Siri and Cortana have become a part of our lives. This has marked a sharp increase in the use of conversational queries while searching for info. This feature is likely to become more diversified and sophisticated in the coming days creating new ranking opportunities in this area.

These are some of the trends that are likely to play out this year. Be ready with your new strategies to conquer the search engines!

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